BONANZA CLAIM – 2 POUNDS. The claim that made us famous! Expect to find plenty of gold in each bag of this phenomenal paydirt!

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2 POUNDS of Real Gold Pay Dirt from the BONANZA CLAIM.

This is the claim that made us famous!  For over 11 years, the Bonanza Claim has been a reliable source of great gold.  Prospectors everywhere love the BONANZA because it always produces beautiful gold in every scoop.  Expect to find plenty of gold in each bag of this phenomenal paydirt!

Yukon Paydirt offers top-shelf paydirt.

11+ Years in business.  Tens of thousands of happy customers!

We ship most orders the same day! 

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Yukon Paydirt has the highest quality gold paydirt to ever hit your gold pan!

We offer real Paydirt and every bag offers its own panning adventure!

Yukon Paydirt – Gold Paydirt Done Right

25 reviews for BONANZA CLAIM – 2 POUNDS. The claim that made us famous! Expect to find plenty of gold in each bag of this phenomenal paydirt!

  1. Martin R.

    Bought this for practice to make sure I could even pan anything. Love the product! Found a good bit of gold which made me super excited! Gotta buy these for the kids, they will love them! Can’t wait to go out and find gold in the river!

  2. Linda C.

    Excellent customer service. This is my third purchase of Yukon Paydirt. Happy to be a repeat customer.

  3. Ed A.

    The Bonanza paydirt was really fun dumping a little bit at a time into the gold pan and swirling out the gold. Definitely found gold and even a few good size pieces, and we haven’t even panned it all yet. I recommend this product for sure!

  4. Charles M.

    Was pleasantly surprised at how much gold this bag contained.

  5. Michelle R.

    I really enjoyed mining for gold in the Bonanza Claim dirt. I found lots of pieces of gold at the bottom of my pan. Great amount of gold for the price.

  6. Matthew P.

    Great for practicing your panning or simply having fun with the kids!

  7. Mike L.

    Very nice product. First time panners can have a lot of fun using this product. My kids had tons of fun finding the gold and couldn’t be happier with the results. Definitely a family activity to pan for the gold. Can’t wait to get more and continue the prospecting.

  8. Josh C.

    Very good Paydirt, I’m 100% satisfied. Consistently found multiple pieces of gold in every tablespoon of dirt.

  9. Bruce D.

    I’m a first time buyer and it was so much fun! Found some real gold!

  10. Jimmy R.

    Great paydirt, sealed bag, plenty of gold to find.

  11. Rick M

    The bonanza dirt has nice gold in it!

  12. Tom N.

    We found a decent amount of gold and it’s fun to pan!

  13. Lisa M.

    This paydirt is awesome and we found some nice pieces of gold.

  14. Donna B.

    Lots of gold in the pan. Kids loved findng all the gold at the end of the bottom of the pan.

  15. Michael L.

    Fun to pan. Nice variety of gold. I would purchase this again.

  16. Charles C.

    Fast delivery. Good rich paydirt had some nice pieces in it. Thanks Yukon Paydirt!

  17. Frank H.

    Wonderful fun for the beginning gold panner. My children and I were able to get several pieces of gold from our first panning session. We even found a nice size picker! Nice amount of dirt to pan and we found plenty of color. Very happy with this product.

  18. Michael S.

    Found gold in my pan while panning at my garage workbench. Very happy with this purchase.

  19. Kevin M.

    Fun panning. There is gold! Worth the price.

  20. Ken A.

    Found lots of gold compared to others we’ve tried.

  21. Tony S.

    This was my first time panning and I was very pleased with the results. I will be ordering more of this product because now I have Gold Fever!

  22. Peter H.

    Very happy with the Bonanza Claim dirt. We found a piece of gold in the bag before we even panned it!

  23. Jeff N.

    Overall an excellent buy and highly recommended if you’re wanting to find actual gold. We ordered more and cannot wait for some more backyard gold panning.

  24. Lori T.

    I’ve ordered gold paydirt in the past with no luck until I bought some from Yukon Paydirt. I really loved it. Great gold! I will definitely be buying this product again and had so much fun panning it out. Thank you so much for your product!

  25. Liz P.

    Bonanza Claim has lots of nice gold in it, we found plenty of gold in every pan we did. Trying out the Paystreak Claim next.

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